Lone Star Boxer Rescue is the Houston Chapter of Austin Boxer Rescue, a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the health and well-being of the boxer breed. LSBR/ABR is run and managed 100% by volunteers since 1999. Our main objective is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home boxers that come to us from many sources including local animal shelters, owner surrenders, and strays. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to allow us to save more dogs in need throughout the state of Texas.

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Bella Mia

Dear LSBR Folks,

Just wanted to tell you how well Bella Mia is doing here in Coldspring. My wife and I adopted her on October 22, 2011 at the Fall Festival. Although rescue dogs come with some quirks, she is adapting very well and now thinks of this as her home. She is loving, sometimes thinking she is a lap dog, and loves to play fetch. Because we live in the country, she does get to run off the leash on occasion and has a wonderful time exploring her boundaries. She has learned to come to my whistle (though sometime she acts as if she does not hear it). When I say "home Bella", she hightails it to the front door of our house and waits for me to come let her in.

She has become a very real part of the family and our grandchildren love to play with her when they are here. In the attached picture, she made sure she was included and posed nicely. Pictured are Glenda and two of our four grandchildren. We have taken her on two motor home trips and, although timid, she is adjusting to a rolling home on wheels.

Bella is our second boxer and we love the breed. We live on Lake Livingston and when we brought her home the lake was down. We let her run on the beach and she loves the water. Splashing, chasing the birds, running into the water was all part of her daily exercise program. Now that the lake is full, she does not have the opportunity to get into the water but she does love to run along the bulkhead and chase the herons, gulls and ducks. Her first encounter with deer was fun to experience and when she found an armadillo, she was bewildered and fun to watch.

Genda and I just wanted you to know Bella has found a good home with owners that love her. In return, she give us a lot of pleasure and love.


I found LSBR while looking for my Boxer and I got in a hurry and bought a puppy from a BYB, I didn't know any better at the time. He is my first Boxer and while training him I spoke to a volunteer from LSBR named Peggye who was a godsend in training my boy Jaxon and in training me. I liked the concept of Boxer rescue so I applied to volunteer. I had a foster and found him a great home for lsbr and it went so well hubby finally agreed to let me do it again. Jaxon so needed a playmate, he is the most active Boxer I have ever met.

Jaxon and I packed up and went to the Fritz Kennel with Vicki and he chose Baylee to bring home with us to foster. She fit in the first moment they met and it took a little adjustment having 2 at the same time but they got along so well as if they were soulmates or siblings parted at birth. Ron and Jaxon and I fell in love, hard, with Baylee. After some hard soul searching and a family who was very interested in adopting her, we decided to adopt her ourself. There was no way we were going to be able to seperate these two.

That decision has been the BEST choice since I found my darling boy Jaxon. They eat, sleep, play and swim together and have never been aggressive or shown any type of issues with one another. They ride with the convertible top down and share the back seat so well, they even share bones and treats without a sound. These two were meant to find each other and at the same time we found the perfect second Boxer (with the exception of her having accidents in the house from time to time.) for our family. She is protective, loving and a snuggle bunny who just loves her family very much. Thank you LSBR for bringing her into our program and trusting me to take care of her and allowing me to adopt her. I do hate the thought that I can't foster anymore but Baylee is such a part of the family, I hope ya'll understand.

Robin, Ron, Jax and BayBay


"My husband and I lost our first boxer to heart disease at only 6 years of age. But there was that special "boxer thing" about Daisy Mae that hooked us on the breed. As a result, we turned to Lone Star Boxer Rescue to find our next boxer. We adopted a handsome 9 year old named Bodi and immediately, he fit right into our family. Bodi amazes us with his "Tigger" leaps at the back door. He loves playing fetch, keep away, tug of war, or just entertaining himself with his squeaky toy. He also loves being a couch potato while we read or watch TV. His love and devotion to us is as if we have had him since he was a puppy. The opportunity was presented to foster another boxer, a 12 year old. How does someone give up their devoted family pet at that age, we ask ourselves. A 12-year-old boxer's options for adoption are almost non-existent but without hesitation, we leapt at the chance. It wasn't long before we couldn't imagine our lives without "Karl", and we officially adopted him. Karl also amazes us with his playfulness and puppy antics. Both of 'the boys' still enjoy their daily walks. We highly recommend adopting an older dog. They are loving, loyal, devoted and yes, fun and playful. The boxer spirit carries on into old age. These wise, senior souls deserve a loving and safe home in their "golden" years. Our adopted senior "boys" have been loyal, loving pets. Consider adopting a senior dog. The rewards are immeasurable and they will be eternally grateful. As you look deeply into a senior dog's eyes, the wisdom and deep gratitude will penetrate your heart and soul. That kind of love is a gift to be treasured."


Hi, We had adopted a dog from y'all last April I think, and I never sent an update about how she was doing. We adopted Bailey (different from the one on the website) through owner surrender. She has been an excellent fit with our other dog, a boxer/greyhound. In January she had to have her eye removed because of a tumor. Then she ended up having a neck infection from the cone she had to wear, which is why she is wearing a t-shirt and bandana in the picture I attached (it's to keep her from messing with her neck). She's all better now, and is the sweetest dog I've ever had. In a few years we will be interested in fostering dogs for y'all. I was very pleased with your website, and with the adoption process. Thanks for all your hard work! Anna Spalding


Just wanted to write a quick note and give all of you folks at LSBR a two-month update on Bacchus.

About a week after we got him we enrolled him into a "doggie boot camp" with a dog trainer here in Corpus. With as strong as he is physically, we needed to get him better with not pulling on the leash. We were a little concerned with sending him of so soon after coming home with us but we figured it was for the better. Ten days later, he came back and was TONS better on the leash. The wife of the dog trainer took a special liking to Bacchus while he was there. When I called for an update (like a crazy parent with a kid at camp), the trainer laughed alot about him, and took to calling Bacchus the "gentle giant."

Two months in and his personality has really started to come through. He enjoys running in the backyard, playing with tennis balls, and chasing birds. He has a strange bird fascination. We found out that he absolutely loves kids. Our neighbor is a K-9 trainer for the military and he brought his kids over to meet Bacchus. They loved him and he loved the attention, especially from the little girl who was shorter than he is, and who hugged his neck so much she was practically hanging from it.

We've started to develop a few nicknames for him, though he will always be Bacchus. I've taken to calling him "Chewbacchus" We also refer to him as big dog, big nasty (when he needs a bath", and frequently (and very descriptively) "buddy"

Thanks again for all of the great work you all do. Through the selfless generosity of the LSBR volunteers, Bacchus found his forever home, and we found our newest family member. Please pas this on to anyone who worked with Bacchus so that they can know how he is doing and how appreciative we are of everything that was done for him.

Stan and Leslie

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