Lone Star Boxer Rescue is the Houston Chapter of Austin Boxer Rescue, a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the health and well-being of the boxer breed. LSBR/ABR is run and managed 100% by volunteers since 1999. Our main objective is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home boxers that come to us from many sources including local animal shelters, owner surrenders, and strays. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to allow us to save more dogs in need throughout the state of Texas.

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Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum (now Sugar Bear) is a happy little girl with a bundle of energy. We are so lucky to have her as part of the family. She loves her walks twice a day and her favorite is to chase shadows (she may be part cat). Our boys throw the football back and forth and she chases the shadow for as long as the ball is being thrown. She will literally play that game for hours if we let her. She loves water and has found the top step of the pool to jump in and cool off. The Hinton Family

Shiner B

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how happy we are to be the furever home for Shiner B (formerly Cutter). We adopted Shiner in October 2012. We picked him out online, and set up a meeting with him at the Fritz with the understanding that another family had "interviewed" with him previously, and another family was interviewing with him before us. We knew we might not get to bring him home, but we were hopeful. When we met him, the connection between him and my son, Connor, was instantaneous. They played for a full hour before Shiner finally crawled in his lap and went to sleep. His foster mom said, "well, I guess he picked you". And that was it. We brought him home and gave him lots of love. He was a little nervous at first, but after a couple of weeks with us, he found security and confidence. He is so affectionate and loving. He loves belly rubs and ear rubs first thing in the morning, and he knows just the right time to give kisses if you're having a bad day. He loves snuggling with Connor on a rainy day, Sunday afternoon naps with me (Mommy), and movie nights with his head propped on my husband's (Daddy's) feet (we still aren't sure how he can be comfortable with his head in that position, but he loves it). It took a little while, but we finally found a food that was suitable to his sensitive tummy, and he was able to put some weight on. He gets his walk every evening, where he prances around the neighborhood. This sweet boy brings us so much happiness - we feel blessed every day that "he picked us". --Campbell family


Dear Ann - I just wanted you to know that I love my new home here in Clear Lake and to thank you for taking such good care of me when I was rescued. I miss you all – and I miss Noah but Mommy is taking good care of me. On Friday, I had my check up with the doctor and he said I had gained 6 pounds since January and I looked really nice and lean. He updated my vaccinations and they did stick something up my butt (I didn’t like that very much) but at least I don’t have any worms. I get to sleep in a big bed at night – mommy says I have to learn to sleep North and south on the bed – not east and west but I am there all night long next to Mommy. Sometimes Mommy goes to the office – maybe for a few hours during the day and I am in my crate at that time with my toys. I have two boxes worth of toys that I dig into every day. I have been helping mommy garden in the yard – I pull the flowers up for her and give them to her and I dig new holes so she can plant new ones. I noticed though that she is not always smiling when I do that. I have been showing mommy all sorts of things that I can do – I can hop up on the counter in the breakfast area (the desk counter) – she explained to me very quickly that I’m not allowed to do that and I can open the door to her closet when she isn’t looking - then she mumbled something about $100 SAS sandals. This weekend mommy was yelling lot – I thought at me but then I realized she was yelling at the TV with some guys running up and down trying to put the ball in the basket. She was not happy when we went to bed – she was mumbling a lot about her bracket all screwed up. I told her we probably should have gone for a walk instead of watching a ball not going in a basket. Saturday morning, mommy took me to “The Pawsh Dog House” and left me there to get beautified. I got a big bath (with my special shampoo the doctor gave me), I got my teeth cleaned, my nails trimmed and filed, and I got a new scarf to wear for when I go walking with mommy which is one of my favorite things to do. And then mommy bought me 2 new toys and she has another Elk Antler on order for me. We do go for long walks – there is a park here with lots of kids and I get to watch them and I love to down the greenbelt trails – I meet lots of dogs that way. Mommy says I do very well on the leash. Mommy went away for 3 days and left me with the sitter. She has a really really really big back yard and I got to run a lot and she took me for walks 3 times a day. I loved that. They took good care of me and mommy came home and picked me up. She tells me that I will get to do that every once in a while which is fine with me because I know mommy will come back. My big brother Brian came home one weekend and he played with me all day – and then that night I got to sleep with him as a special treat. Last week he adopted a rescue up in Austin – he was going to get a boxer rescue but he heard about a shepherd mix that was going to be put down so he went and picked him up – so he will be coming home in a month or so and will stay here a couple of days and I can play with him. Plus one of mommy’s friends adopted a dog recently and we have a play date arranged for us to play. She is about my age. I hope you all are doing well. Mommy said you were going to visit sometime and I would love to see you. Love, Serena

Sissy Puppy #5

Humphrey was two years old October 26, 2011. He is a rescue boxer mix whom we adopted December of 2009 and gave him the name of Humphrey. His mother, Sissy, was abandoned while pregnant and gave birth shortly after being dropped off at Tails of Texas. She had a litter of ten puppies and as the puppies were born, they were given a number for a name.

We first met Humphrey when he was about 6 weeks old. We saw his picture before we ever met him. Our daughter sent us a picture of Humphrey while we were out of town and told us that she and her family would be adopting him. By the time we got back in town, she called to say that she was not going to adopt him due to her work and travel schedule and a puppy just didn't fit their busy life. She knew we had been talking about getting another dog and suggested we go see the puppies. We went to the kennel to see Sissy's puppies (10) and fell in love with #5 (which happened to be the one our daughter was going to adopt). Needless to say, Humphrey had our hearts and we brought him home the week before Christmas.

We had not considered a puppy as we had an 11 year old Lapso-Apso terrier mix, Harley, and at that time we were not sure how he would react to a puppy in the house. He had, and still has, that enduring, loving personality of a puppy that makes you want to hold and snuggle with him. It took about two months for Harley to accept Humphrey. He was not amused that he had to share his home and people. Now, they are best friends, running and playing together. Harley plays with Humphrey with an energy of a puppy and Humphrey has a new found respect for Harley, who can take him down by the jowls when he is fed up with Humphrey's pestering.

Humphrey is a sweet, loving and funny boxer mix and 70 pounds of muscle and love. Sometimes he thinks he is a lap dog and it is pretty funny at his size and weight. His favorite place to nap is laying on his back in my husband's lap with his feet in the air. At night he likes to snuggle up on the couch with me while I am watching television. He starts at the far end of the couch and slowly pulls his body towards me until his head is in my lap and one paw across my leg. Humphrey's personality fits perfectly with our family. One of his favorite things to do is roll around with our seven year old grandson. Additionally, he interacts well with the three other dogs of our daughters. He has become a much loved part of our family.

We are very pleased with Humphrey and Lone Star Boxer Rescue. This was a perfect match.



Just wanted to send out a little Thank you for letting us bring such a bundle of Joy and energy into our home. Stetson is settling in well and learning very quickly about all the activity and noises in our house and loving his play time with the kids. We are working on basic commands and learning who's boss in the house. Stetson is very smart and a very quick learner. He is also getting along great with Rocky. I have included some picture for you and any one you wish to share with. Thank you again.

Suzi King

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