Lone Star Boxer Rescue is the Houston Chapter of Austin Boxer Rescue, a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the health and well-being of the boxer breed. LSBR/ABR is run and managed 100% by volunteers since 1999. Our main objective is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home boxers that come to us from many sources including local animal shelters, owner surrenders, and strays. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to allow us to save more dogs in need throughout the state of Texas.

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Today We Rescued Your Dog
by Pat Closher

Today we rescued your dog. We don’t know where you got him from - maybe you saw him
in a pet store window or maybe one of your neighbors bred a few litters a year just to make some vacation money or because they loved their dogs so much that of course they wanted to have puppies. We don’t know much about how you cared for him either, although our vet thought that for such a young dog, his teeth were in pretty bad shape.
Did you know they were going to keep him outside? At least it was a pretty mild winter. There were no heavy snows, not much heavy winter rain and only a few days of bitter cold. But for all of those weeks he had no companionship, no care, and no love.
For some reason, your grandparents took him to the shelter. Maybe a neighbor complained about him or maybe their own health gave out or maybe they just got tired of him. You know the local shelter is a kill shelter, don’t you? You know that their own statistics indicate that about half of the dogs that enter are killed, don’t you?  Maybe your grandparents thought he would be adopted quickly. He is a purebred, after all. No one was interested in him, though, maybe since he’s an adult dog and not a cute little puppy. No one contacted the purebred rescue group either. They probably would have placed him quickly, since he really is a great boy.  The shelter is a clean place and they take good care of the dogs. They get good food and they’re bathed and brushed. It’s still a shelter though, and is noisy and chaotic and frightening. He spent two months there in that confusion, away from everyone and everything he had known.

One day, we saw him on the shelter web site. We called and asked about him. The shelter workers were so happy to hear from us and were delighted to agree to bring him to a local pet store where they do adoptions. Do you want to know why they were so accommodating? He was scheduled to be killed that afternoon. He didn’t know that, but the shelter workers certainly did. It hurt them and he felt that, so he knew something was wrong.  All of a sudden, though, the shelter workers were happy and excited and so was he. They bathed him and brushed his coat. We think they probably told him this was it - his big chance, or maybe he just knew it somehow. When we met him, we all fell in love.

He had to go to the vet to be neutered, of course, but then he came home. He has his very own 13 year-old boy. You know, it’s almost like watching one of those old Lassie movies, seeing how well they’ve bonded. He’s got good food and his own toys. He’s taken on walks three times a day, is regularly groomed and is taken to the vet for needed care. We’ll be with him always, even if we have to make that last, difficult decision, because, you see, he is our dog and we are his family.

He has a good heart you know, but then he is a dog, so that’s to be expected. He’s probably forgiven you and, with a dog’s grace, doesn’t even remember you dumped him. He’d probably even be willing to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge. But you know what? He’ll greet us and go with us at the Bridge, and then he’ll be with us forever, because he’s our dog and we’re his family.
The way we heard the story, you moved out of state and didn’t want to take him with you. You left him at your grandparents. Maybe you thought a lively, handsome dog was just the thing for them, and under better circumstances it might have been. Maybe they have been cleaning up your messes for your entire life and an unwanted dog was just another mess to clean up.
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What can I say to each one of you but thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers for Mac. Most of you [at LSBR] I do not know but I do know Boxer owners are amazing.

I found my baby Wednesday afternoon and after 3 nights at Gulf Coast Hospital (collapsed lung) they sent him home with me Saturday to keep him comfortable for his upcoming hip surgery yesterday, sadly he passed away on the operating table. His little body just could not take all the trauma.

He was a loving, sweet, gentle boy who will be deeply missed.

-Kimberley Stanley

Macey and Jake
In 2005 Macey came into my life as a bouncing baby boxer, and stole my heart in every way. She had the biggest spirit and the most personality of any dog I’ve ever been around and she knew me possibly better than any human friend I’ve ever had. When Macey turned two we adopted our beloved Jake from LSBR. In fact I had picked out another boxer that I really liked, but when Macey met him she immediately disapproved. So, we met several others until she and I agreed that Jake was the right fit. He fit into our little family with grace and ease, like he had always been meant for us. They were opposite in personality, but both somehow perfect to me. Macey was smart as a whip, strong willed and determined, fast as lightning and agile in ways that astounded me. She mirrored my feelings in an uncannily accurate reflection…so if I was sad, she was quiet; if I was mad, she was nervous; if I was happy, she was content; if I was excited, she was EXCITED. Her vices were licking (everything and everyone) and eating random and bizarre things (bars of soap, bottles of lotion, bags of birdseed, peach pits…just to name a few). Jake was softer in spirit and aimed to please; he was hopelessly devoted to me and was fiercely protective of me and our home. Years ago when I lost a pregnancy it was Jake who crawled up on the bed with me and put his head under my hand to comfort me. He laid there with me while I cried…and that was my Jakers. His vice was drool…and those of you who knew him know he was an expert at sliming everyone and everything in his path! These two amazing pups saw me through several moves across the country, trying times in my marriage, trouble with fertility and eventually my divorce. They filled my bed and my heart when I was lonely and afraid…and for that I will forever be grateful. In 2012 when I brought two tiny babies (newborn and 11 months old at the time) into our home, they took it in stride as if they had been waiting for them just as I had been. I never could have imagined how easily and how patiently they would adapt to life with two small babies…but they did it, and I was so proud of and amazed by them. Macey left me in February, and true to form she never even showed me that she was sick. We woke up one morning and she was in shock…several hours later at the emergency vet we found out she had lymphatic leukemia and she was gone by that afternoon. It was a shocking and terrible loss. Then just three months later, my Jake went down on a Sunday and after 24/7 vet care for three days, began hemorrhaging internally from cancer in multiple organs and I had to let him go too. Jake was most likely in great pain, but he was stoic and sweet until the moment he left me. As Sug (another LSBR boxer) and I adjust to life without them, we will forever hold them in our hearts and will never forget the love and happiness they filled our home with. Until we meet again my loves…

I wanted to let you know that we had to put Mack down yesterday. He had intestional cancer. We had a large growth removed 3 weeks ago from his back leg and it was cancer. He got sick as soon as we had it removed. In 2 weeks he had lost 16lbs., could not eat, drink, etc. keeping nothing down-thankfully he weighed over 100lbs. or he would not of been able to hang on as long as he did. We were hoping he'd get better but he just got worse, we took him back to the vet and they said that he had cancer all in his intestions. We could not watch him suffer anymore. A part of our family is now gone and will be missed forever-Mack was an exceptional dog--really more like a person. I can't explain how upset we are......he was my baby. But there is Trooper to help us through this.

Trooper is doing good. He is such a good boy and VERY smart. He helps us when we start missing Mack-he could sense something was wrong yesterday-every now and then he would whine. It is so sad, I know that's life but heaven sure received a very good boy (Mack)--I know God will take care of him.

Loree & Clint Forman

Sweet Macy. You won our hearts! You were by far the best foster we ever had. We will always miss you! Kent, Ariann, Ethan, Wyatt, Bear, Tegan & Nadia

Maggie Mae
“Maggie Mae showed us the exquisite sweetness of comfort; the pride and elegance of being, the power of forgiveness, and the joy of strutting your stuff.

Maggie, you are loved.”

Thanks to everyone at LSBR who helped this magnificent friend come into our lives; especially Sharon Rheitman.

Maggie is survived by myself, her other daddy--Jim, and her Uncle Rogers; and Lucy Lou, an eight year-old fancy fawn boxer.

Love your way... you are Brilliant!

Alan Davidson

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